Quick Help

Editing Users

We have now added a quick edit function for users that dont exist.

Basically now that fixtures are complete you can simply go and edit the players eg clubname U11 P 1 and make him your goalkeepers name.

Fill in all details that are required. dont worry if that player doies not want to be known, simply click the PRIVATE tick box and add a nickname for them.

Marking a Fixture

Marking a fixture is quite easy.

you can either be assigned to mark a fixture by your admin at the game or be an administrator eg club manager, secretary etc

simply go to your fixture and you will see a button for home and away kick off, when the whistle blows click your corresponding button

Once In there you will see your players, simply click one of the names as they make an action on the field

Once you have clicked the player you will be shown the actions, select that and repeat until first half whistle blows


Once you have completed the first half you will see the stats and button for second half Kick Off.

Continue this until final whistle, then click full time.

you and all players families when logged in can thenj vote for how the players p[layed and team manager can choose man of the match.

you can also at this time rate the Referees performance.


Once you are happy with the fixture and everyone has finished voting, click the Sign off home or away button.

in the end when both teams have signed off, you can click the close League sign off, this will submit the details and close off the fixture.

It may take some time to get the hang of it, but after a while it is pretty easy and you can always ask one of the kids at the match to score the game.